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The Gaming Facility Location Board has released a Request for Applications
March 2, 2023 Update

The Gaming Facility Location Board received several hundred questions from interested parties during Round 1, as detailed in the RFA. 

Staff are currently reviewing the questions for duplicate submissions, then drafting proposed responses for Board consideration, approval, and publication.

Upon publication, interested parties will then have four weeks to submit questions for Round 2.

Please see the RFA for more information on the structure and timeline of the process.

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Statutory Evaluation and Selection
The Board will review applications that meet specific requirements (zoning approval, Community Advisory Committee approval, application fee, etc.) and score each based on a statutory criteria.
Lobbyist Registration
Required Registration

Lobbyists seeking to engage on behalf of a client or a client's interest before the Commission must first register with the Commission Secretary (Section 1329 of the Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law). This is in addition to any other registration and reporting required by law.

Lobbyist Registration Form

Completed Registration Forms should be emailed to [email protected].